Coronavirus America Latest Updates (COVID-19)

Coronavirus is continually growing with very speedily in the United States. The American public on the day of Tuesday is expected to get its first look at the statistical models guiding the policy decisions that have led governors &  mayors across the country to order more than two hundred and fifty million people to stay at home due to high attack of killing virus named as Coronavirus.

The United States has the highest number of confirmed reported cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) among all the affected countries worldwide.This time United States has with 164,603 confirmed coronavirus reported cases and with 3,179 deaths.

Coronavirus America Latest Updates

According to Dr.Birx, even if all the social distancing and other safety guidelines are followed with surely 100 percent then the death ratio in the United States could reach at 100,000 to 200,000 at least.

Top 10 States OF United States Which Are With Highest COVID-19 Confirmed Cases


States        Confirmed cases               Deaths

New York                      67,384                                      1,342

New Jersey                    16,636                                       198

California                         7,394                                       149

Michigan                          6,498                                        185

Massachusetts                5,752                                        56

Florida                              5,704                                          71

Washington                     5,187                                        219

Illinois                               5,058                                        74

Pennsylvania                   4,155                                         51

Louisiana                         4,025                                       185


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